Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008


Is that Troy Bolton?
So Milo decided that this year he wanted to be (after seeing HSM3) Troy Bolton For Halloween. which was fine with me, because it was a super easy costume to put together!
Our only problem is getting the Paint color put of his hair now!...any suggestions?

Auggie was a cute little froggy this year so actually he was a "FR-AUGGIE" :)

"We're all in this together..." (sing along if you would like...)

The perfect couple... Darth and Pochahontas.

Auggie was loving Russ in this mask!

can you even belive how WARM it was this year!? I was able to wear flip flops, and short sleeves all night!

Getting ready to go Trick-or-treating!

Happy Froggy!

This was also this year at our Neighborhood halloween party, Does'nt Auggie make the cutest little girl?!