Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dying Easter Eggs...and countertops.

This year we opted for the classic white crayon design. Milo was just baffled by it all, and amazed that whatever he colored...stayed the same? So it was a pretty uneventfull Egg Dye, until, the cleanup! Ok, so I feel like a pretty intelligent person? well lets just get right to the point and say, that Red egg dye, stains granite countertops! I had no Idea! I guess I had this false image in my head that granite was like this all powerful stone that could withstand the elements of time? WRONG! well sort of. After much scrubbing (and many angry words running through my head) I was able to get MOST of it off with a granite polish? in certain light you can still get a little glimpse of pink.....
but thats ok, I like pink.


Thornton Family said...

We love your blog!! Especially the post about the first cars - Russ, I love the hair!!! We just found our comments on our blog. We're still getting used to it. Hope all is well. We love the baby announcement, where did you get it or how did you do it? Auggie is ADORABLE!!! Congrats!

Lorina said...

I just found your blog. I hope you don't mind me commenting.

I was reading your blog and noticed the bows. I make bows too... but so does the rest of Utah! Anyway you make really cute ones, I love them. Mine are very very different but not in a bad way. Mine tend to be big! My husband always teases me about it.

BTW love the eggs!

Desta said...

Those turned out awesome! I bought a n egg-dying kit this year but we opted for a nap instead. Maybe next year?

Chari said...

beautiful eggs! Ours just have spiderman stickers stuck all over them, and i had to laugh at the countertop stain! I just got lazy & didn't put anything under them, but yep, the red won't come off! We don't have fancy granite countertops though...where do you guys live now anyway? By weinmans & nicholsons?