Wednesday, June 11, 2008


What I was doing 10 years ago? - Well, I was 19, and living in orem with two roomates, (Nicole and Kellie) I was working as a wedding coordinator at Thanksgiving Point. My life pretty much consisted of Wake up, go to the gym (woohoo for Lifestyles!) Go to work, come home, get ready to go somewhere exciting (like, "club Omni" can stop laughing now.) stay out till the wee hours of daylight, come home Crash, and do it all-over again! At this point 10 years ago from now, Russ and I weren't dating yet, but we have been married 10 years this September. Sounds a little fishy right? Well, we didn't start dating till the Middle of July, got engaged in August, and Married September 5th! (we were REALLY excited!)

5 years ago? - We were living in Orem, Milo was 11 months old, and life was pretty boring? I think, Russ was working for Lowry Doors and we were getting ready to move to Las Vegas where Russ would work with Pulte Homes. We were just your typical first time parents who were "blessed" with a sweet little baby that threw-up at least 4 times a day (like, not spit-up. I'm talking, out of the nose, projectile vomiting!) and had 12 ear infections by this time in life! yes, life was good.

1 year ago? - We were living in Pleasant Grove, in our first official townhome. I had just barely found out that the in-vitro was a success and was pregnant with little August! So, I was pretty much worthless at this point of life, I had "hyperstimulated" due to all the in-vitro drugs, and so I was on "bed rest" for a couple weeks. Russ was such a good sport, having to give me progesterone shots twice a day for the 8 weeks following the embryo transfer. But it was all worth it!.

Yesterday? - Got up around 7:30, got ready while Auggie took a morning nap, Went to the park with Nicole and the kids, went back to Nic's and had her do "glitter toes" on me, went home, ordered Pizza, put the kids to bed while Russ went to a meeting, and did bows till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore! the end.

5 Favorite Snacks? - Apples (but they have to be Fuji Apples), Oranges, Saltine Crackers, Mint Truffles and last but defiantly not least, Chocolate Cake from Maglebys!

5 Favorite Books? - Twilight Series of course... But I'm not a big reader, I'm a sucker the Martha Stewart magazines!

5 Places to Runaway? - Hawaii (Sunset Beach), Target (with no kids or husband), In my car all by myself with the top down in a sunny day, Sleeping, and did I mention Hawaii? yes Hawaii.

5 Bad Habits? - Texting while driving, getting angry at Milo for lame things (like walking on a perfectly lined vacuumed carpet!) never eating breakfast, Worrying about things that are out of my control, clinching my teeth when I am angry or excited. I'm sure Russ could name a few more but I will stop for now!

5 Things I would Never wear? - Hmmm, this is a toughie, it is hard to say what I NEVER would wear, because looking back in life I have worn alot of pretty weird things! So I guess you could say I just might give anything a try, except maybe a shaved head. ( I just don't think i have the right head shape....I'm not Brittney Spears you know.)

5 Pet Peeves? - First and most important WHISTLING!!! I cant stand it! I don't know what it is but the pitch of it just makes me want to scream! and the worst part is, I live with a whistler! Russ is always whistling, and not only a casual whistle, but he feels the need to add vibrato and harmonizing tones to his whistling! it drives me crazy! OK. I will try to calm down. What else... Forgetting something at home when I am half-way to my destination. People who get totally ready to go to the gym. Someone not answering their phone when I call. (I am the worst at that, but it really makes me bugged when I am the one trying to call....anne.) People who don't update their blogs! (chely)

5 Things I Enjoy? - Sleeping children. My Husband (even though he does whistle the Star Wars theme on a daily basis) Eating. Sleeping. Summertime!

5 Favorite T.V. shows? - American Idol, Biggest Loser, anything on the Food Network channel, Americas Next Top Model, The Office!

5 Famous People I would like to Meet? - Jason Castro, Mariah Carey, Donny Osmond (I'm serious, I love him!) Brad Pitt!, and maybe Snoop Dogg, because he seem really fun.?!

5 People I want to Tag? - Anne, Chely, LaDonna, Nicky & Ashley S.


Lid said...

Hi Cyndi, i was just reading your post and it reminded me of when we were talking last summer about your in-vitro and you hadn't found out the results yet...time flies. Auggie is darling. I'm so glad things turned out the way they did. your family is so cute. I love checking in on you. I added you to my links.

Romney Family said...

that was fun to read!! it is always fun to get to know people more through the tags!!

Randy And Chely said...

I should have known I would get tagged because I haven't updated!!! I have a dress for you to wear!!!!! Me and mama just found it. And since you said your up to wearing ANYTHING I'll save it for you! I know i'm slacking on my blog. I'll try to update!!!

Walnut said...

holy crap i was laughing so hard when I read that Russ whistles star wars on a daily basis.

Amanda said...

Where is Kellie these days? You are so good about keeping on touch with everyone. I love that you and Nicole are still great friends.

Chari said...

You forgot to mention your cool visiting teacher that was in your ward 5 years ago that only came ONCE!
I suck! LOVE this tag...I thought I was reading my own! You are too fun & you still look like you did 10 years ago! :)

Summer said...

10 YEARS! Wow, who'd have thought that "ten-years-ago" would have seemed like yesterday. I loved reading your tag, it makes me miss my friend Wiki, and that was 12+ years ago.

Charolette said...

Great idea! It was fun to read and get to know you better. So, how is life? Do you need any help with anything?
Love your Visiting Teacher :)

summer said...

Do you need to come over and use my internet to update your blog? it's making me crazy!

LaDonna and Ben said...

Cyndi, I've been thinking about you lately. I need to call you and we need to catch up.

Andrea said...

Cyndi! I love your blog. It is hilarious and very cute. Congrats on having your second little one! Very exciting (yes, I know it's late since he's how many months old now?) Anyway, fun to catch up with you guys!