Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 weeks old... still in the NICU

Poor little Lola and Oscar, Still not home! I really am ready for them to be here in our home. we had a little step backward this week, which made us have to pretty much start all over with feedings again! they both had a little problem with their stomachs, so we needed to stop all feedings and hook them back up to IVs to let their stomachs rest and recover for a while. it was so sad because we have been trying to train them to eat, and then we just stop, they were a little used to getting fed and having full belly's, that you could tell they were hungry! it was so heartbreaking to watch! after a bunch of tests and x-rays the doctors feel that it is ok to start them slowly back on to tube feedings again, but we have to slowly do this, so it does not irritate their stomachs anymore. So.... little step back, hopefully it wont take us long to get back to where we were!? man we love these little kiddos!


Amanda said...

I am so sorry it is such a roller coaster. Some days were fine then a day later it all changes. I was really overprotective of Matthew for a really long time. I never even took him out of our house for the first 2 winters he was home. You go through so much with them in the NICU you just don't want anything to harm them again. Sounds like the doctors must have caught the NEC quick, so that is great. Maybe this little rest is all they needed to get strength to take their feeds now. They will probably come home right around their due date. I wish I was there to give you a hug!!

Jilly Bean said...

They are so precious! I'll add my prayer to yours for them!