Monday, August 30, 2010

Twins 1 month old! First day of school!

Oscar and Lola turned 1 month old today!! they are still in the NICU :( but continuing to improve....slowly. Oscar now weighs 5lbs 14oz and Lola weighs 5lbs 12 oz, they are getting so big! They are still just struggling to eat, without getting distracted or falling asleep.
Till then, we will just celebrate the month we have had with these sweet babies and treasure all the fun times which we will have in the near future when we get to bring them home!

I made them these little onesies to celebrate their first month... of course Lola peed on hers before the day was even half over!

Lola and her googly eyes.

Oscar without his tube!!! (because he ripped it out! and then ripped Lolas out too! they finally had to put socks on his hands and then he learned how to get the socks off so they finally taped them on!)

Milos first day of school (3rd grade) he refused to wear any of the new clothes I got him? Russ and I have decided... 8 year olds are weird.

Auggie outside of his preschool class! he was so excited!

And of course.... the classic auggie picture. ok, 2 year olds are weird too.

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Amanda said...

Matthew always shows people his stomach, so glad he isn't the only one.
Matthew used to always take out his feeding tube towards the end. It means Oscar is smart and it bothers him. He was just trying to help out his sister by taking hers out for her. Such a good brother! It just takes so long for them to figure out eating. It also takes longer because they have the tubes that interfere. They will be stronger for it. This is so my life 3 years ago. Kids starting school, elem, and preschool and getting to hospital and back in time to get them from school. It was the hardest 3 months of my life. Hang in there. Brad and I are thinking about you guys!!!!!