Friday, September 19, 2008

The Women

So, A bunch of us "women" decided to go see a late night showing of the new movie "the women" to our surprise, when we got there and the movie was starting, there was not another soul in there! i thought this was pretty funny, and happened to have my camera with me, so i decided to go prop it on the row in front of us, so we could get a shot of the PACKED theater! after setting the 10 second timer, I rushed back to my seat, and got totally HIGH CENTERED! my foot got stuck in the crack and I couldnt make it over in time, meanwhile no one offred to lend a helping hand, and Summer sure looks like she is having a great time watching me struggle! so this is the explanation for the butt shot.
{ Anne, Sarah, Nicole, Me, Summer }

and this was the second time around...Finally! made it!

As far as the Movie goes... it was a total "Chick-flick" but what do you expect with a title like "the women" I found it very entertaining, and would possibly even go see it again! so... call me!


summer said...

I THOUGHT it was funny? I STILL think it's funny! I have been waiting all day to see that picture!

Romney Family said...

I love the butt shot!!! Glad you had a good time!! It was great to see you last weekend!!

Tiff said...

I have to admit that is funny - I wondered about that show! Good to know!!!

Whitney said...

I am so sad I missed out! Glad you had fun and thanks for the butt shot I needed a good laugh!

bulkleybunch said...

nice pic!!!